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Each region has two D3 servers. There are totally six options for you to choose Diablo3 Gold servers. No matter which server you choose, you can always get the cheapest Gold Diablo 3. Our price has always be compared. But we are always be chosen. The discount coupons and member points can all save you a lot of money. Choose our store as your supplier is your wise choice.

If you want to buy Diablo 3 Gold Coins of the Americas region, please click on the following two links.

US-Normal Mode Severs US-Hardcore Mode Severs

If you are a player in the European region, the server link below can help you buy Diablo 3 gold.

EU-Normal Mode Severs EU-Hardcore Mode Severs

Do not worry, in the Asian region, we also offer the same path to purchase.

ASIA-Normal Mode Severs ASIA-Hardcore Mode Severs
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