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diablo 3 wizard CM meteor Freeze build


The common Diablo 3 Wizard Freeze Build can freeze the monster for a while but can not have enough Arcane power to give out great damage. Diablo 3 Wizard CM Meteor Freeze Build we are talking today can freeze the monsters first then solo high Monster Power 7 with DPS 230,000.


Let’s see the skills and runes of the CM meteor Freeze Build first.

diablo 3 wizard cm meteor freeze build skills and runes

As this build is aimed for high Monster Power, the rune for Frost Nova is the Deep Freeze which “can increase the critical hit chance if frost nova hits at least 5 targets”. Critical Mass can reduce the cooldown time of the Frost Nova and Diamond Skin which are the core skills in this build.


Energy Twister, Meteor and Explosive Blast all choose the runes to increase the damage of the skills. As there is no cool down time for these damage giving skills. You can use them without rest time. Then you should have enough critical hits grant arcane power items. Chantodo’s Will can grant 9 Arcane Power with critical hits. So does the Chantodo’s Force. The weapon and off hand would cost you around 300,000,000 Diablo 3 Gold including the gem cost in the socket. Farming in high Monster power can certainly give your great D3 Gold reward in the game.


The Arcane Source problem has been solved. Then we need to tackle the life recovery problem. As Chantodo’s Will do not have any options for life recovery, we can choose gain Life on hit on the Amulet, Pants and Ring. The three Diablo 3 Items can give you around 1500 Life on Hit stats. For detailed figures, you can go to Wizard CM Meteor Freeze Items Set page. The Vile Ward can give some Life regeneration stats for you as well to give your health back while you are running.


The three passive skills are Critical Mass, Cold Blooded and Conflagration. The last two skills to increase the damage to the enemy.


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